Top SEO Trends of 2016


SEO has gained a ton of attention since the nineties with e-commerce sites are booming and bloggers making a killing on organic traffic to their intricate websites and even YouTube channels rank in Google towards the top (We are sure it has nothing to do with them owning it).

Search Engine Optimisation helps drive the over thirteen million searchers each month organically to your brand. It gives your brand visibility, credibility, and loyalty if done correctly. With the constantly changing Google algorithms for their search criteria forces us to be on our toes when it comes to SEO.

Mobile searches have seen an increase in the past year, and over fifty percent of searches are for brands of products and services in their local areas. This forces brand marketers to perform SEO to better connect and provide better content to their consumers via search engine optimised and analysed consumer criteria.


Social Media

The most sought after marketing technique over the past year was on social media; like Facebook and especially Instagram with the newer generation being all about visual stimuli. The ROI for social media marketers is higher than any other online marketing niche.

To be seen on these high ROI social media channels, which over seventy percent of marketers utilise, you need to optimise your sharing abilities, content that is rich and engaging and full of keywords, metadata, and backlink. If you are not SEO maximised, you will be left in the dust.

Mobile Optimisation

When you want to get your brand out there for the masses, make sure your media channels are mobile friendly. Your website needs to work on smartphones, tablets and smart watches which need to be fast and reliable or risk being passed over.

Make sure that your compatible with all mobile devices and your content is optimised for search ranking, linking abilities and is full of keywords that will meet Googles algorithms. Over seventy-five percent of mobile searches lead to a completed call to action and four out of five consumers utilise their mobile devices to research and shop online.

User Engagement

Today we have the Millennials and Gen Z to deal with so making sure we are completely engaging them in our content is key. Understanding that Millennials are more spontaneous in their purchases while Gen Z tends to research the heck out of all their buying needs is important.

You need to try to meet both criteria to pull in as much organic traffic as you can. Use critical Search Engine Optimisation by telling a story about what value you can bring to your potential customers and fill it with keywords and links to social media channels for sharing. Don’t forget to integrate pictures and video, Gen Z loves that stuff and just maybe you will get some backlinks.

These are a few trending SEO methods to stay on top of going into twenty seventeen. Make sure to engage your target market and drive those backlinks and don’t forget about analysing your competition and rankings and most important, everyone has gone mobile, stay on top of it.