The 2017 SEO Rules: Improve the Ranking of Your Site

The general rule of the search engine sites has shifted dramatically over these past few years.  As a matter of fact, Google has been changing their algorithm at least once per day.  But there are SEO factors that remained constant and expert believes that it will remain as the driving force of SEO this 2017.


The SEO Rules For 2017

Based on the study, the most essential factor for the SEO campaign next year will be website responsiveness or mobile-friendliness.  This involves the analysis of the value of the site, the percent engagement, design, and readability of the website when using a handheld gadget.  The anchor text and paid link in your SEO efforts will drastically decrease in terms of its effectiveness.

Using Unique Images

This 2017, using a unique image in your site will be a crucial SEO factor.  Posting image that is relatively shown in thousands of other site will affect the visibility of your website on the search engine sites.  By using a one-of-a-kind image, you will be able to make your website standout. Utilising unique content in your website will definitely pay off in the long run.

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile-Use

More and more people are now accessing the internet through their smartphone, so you need to guarantee that your website will be properly visible regardless of the size of the screen and the gadget that they are using.  Last year, Google implemented a new rule which states that they will highly prioritise the responsive website and mobile-friendly site.  Make sure that search engine sites can easily interpret the content found in your website when your audience is using a mobile application or browser.

Size Does Matter

The length of the article plays an important role in SEO this 2017.  As early as today, longer articles with a word count of about 1,200-1,500 has a tendency to show up more on the search result.  This is quite different before when 300 words will be sufficient to achieve a higher ranking.  One of the reasons why Google made this change is to ensure the audience that they are getting high-quality and informative content.  It is also essential to break the long content with sub heading, images, and bullets to make it readable and easier for the audience to scan the article.

Focus in Creating User Experience

The function and effectiveness of the search engine site is determined whether the audience is happy with the result they receive on the first page.  You need to make sure that it will provide the audience with the best content; which is why original content is indeed more essential.  Producing original content regardless if it is a video, image, article will help you in increasing your online visibility.

SEO this 2017 is primarily focused on the audience.  During the past, SEO is concentrated on the heavy promotion of the marketers. This 2017, SEO will be defined by the content that the people are hoping to see and read.