Must-Have Applications for Android and iOS

Smartphones are everything in the world we live in today. With a smartphone, there is literally nothing you cannot do which is why everyone needs one. However, the thing about smartphones is that they are not useful without the various applications that make life easier and a little interesting. There are literally hundreds of thousands applications that you can use; however there are some that you actually need in your life. They are practical, easy to use and entertaining for those who embrace them.


This is an IOS application that organises your whole life. You simply need to tell your phone what you need done at it will do it, which saves you a lot of time. You can have your phone call a cab for you, order lunch from your favourite place, add an event or meeting on your calendar or even upload photos or stories on social media. If you are a busy person that needs an application to help do some of the simpler tasks, this is what you need.

Google Keep

It is available on both iOS and android, and it is the best app for taking notes, adding reminders and voice clips. It is easy to use with colourful labels that allow you to set colour codes for different tasks or events which makes scheduling a lot more interesting and colourful.


If you are usually online a few times in a day and you see an article or post that you like but do not have the time to read it, pocket will save these for you. The best thing is that even if you saw it on your phone, you can send the same article to your laptop or tablet and read it later. The application is available on both android and iOS.

One Drive

 This is a cloud storage app that is perfect for all your photos, videos and documents. It is great since it is by Microsoft which means that you can use it with any office app that you have. You also get a large 5GB free storage which is more than enough to store your personal files. It can be accessed from the web, android or iOS.


This is one of the best keyboards you will ever use on your phone. It is easy to use, fast and is perfect in predicting words and even emojis. It also allows you to audio type by simply speaking what you need written. With this android keyboard, typing is a breeze.

Google Photos

If you love taking photographs this is a must have app. It cloud saves all your photos by date allowing you to easily look for and get the photo that you need. It also has the ability to tell what is on the photo and groups them as such so that when you are searching for a photo of a building, you can easily go to buildings and find it there.

Applications are a powerful tool these days; the trick is to find those that are most useful to you. However, you can have a few not-so useful ones that you can use for your entertainment.