How to Identify a Bad SEO Service Provider before Hiring Them

In order to become successful in all of your SEO endeavours, it is highly beneficial to hire the services offered by a reliable SEO Company. However, identifying the good guy also means having to recognize the bad ones. This is highly applicable in the field of SEO. When it comes to identifying them, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration.


Who to Avoid?

There are some factors and qualities of a particular company that will give you a hint of their reliability. For one, if a company promises to include your site in different online directories, it is most likely a bad one. The idea may sound amazing. After all, who would not want their website to be included in these directories and be recognized? However, reality dictates that search engines will only take into consideration just a few links using this method. This only means that being listed in thousands of directories will not be of help.

Another thing to look into is that if a company starts driving irrelevant traffic, you may need to start doubting them. The very moment you start working with an SEO company, it is very important to constantly check on your website traffic. Examine the data carefully, because you should not just look into the number of visits made, but also observe the activities that visitors do at each visit. If they just enter your site and leave afterwards, the content of your site may only be driving traffic that is irrelevant. This will not help you with your goal.

Also, if an SEO Company does not reveal anything, you might be in deep trouble. A good company will appreciate your input. They should be transparent and honest in everything that they do, and those that they still plan to do. A company that does not provide any valuable feedback to you is one that is also quite dangerous. Collaborating with this type of company should be terminated accordingly. If possible, you can ask for references from other clients before you sign a contract with a company.


Why Avoid Them?

If it has been proven by search engines, Google, for instance, that particular SEO Company implements techniques that are considered as bad, the website seeking the attention from them may even end up being penalised, or even blacklisted. In order to avoid this, it is very important to avoid these sites and only go for the best.

Simply put, hiring a high-quality and reputable SEO Company is a must on your part. If you are having a negotiation with one, make sure to observe the reaction of the representatives, and make a decision based on the information that they provide you.