Depression and Suicide

Life is beautiful and it is worth living. The beauty of Nature is admirable. But this beauty is vanishing day by day because of a dreadful game of thoughts and emotions in person’s mind.


Depression is a baleful and malicious disorder which affects thoughts, emotions, feelings and ultimately manifesting itself in the form of behavior and attitude of a person. It is a type of mood disorder. We cannot quantify the morbidity which is associated with depression but the lethality of disorder can be estimated in the form of suicide. Depression is second leading cause of disability and death worldwide and ultimately suicide because of depression is tenth leading cause of disability.

Depression is most prevailing among teens and young adults especially girls. The suicide rate has been increasing day by day among women and elderly male. Depression is most common among age group of 18-24 years.


Diagnosis of depression is difficult because it shows different forms in different individuals. It’s kind of race between mind and body. Mind wants to die and body fights battle for survival. Depression can be inherited among families. It is actually an imbalance of neurotransmitters in our brain. There occurs the deficiency of norepinephrine and serotonin. Deficiency of norepinephrine causes lethargy, fatigue and dullness in mood while deficiency of serotonin causes irritibility, hostility, aggressiveness and suicidal ideation.

The following signs and symptoms are observed in depressive illness:

  • Low mood, anxious and sad behavior
  • Feeling of unhappiness in things which were source of happiness previously
  • Feeling of helplessness, guilt, useless, worthlessness
  • Crying, screaming and yelling at unusual things
  • Pessimistic
  • Fatigue, poor concentration, loss of memory
  • Poor self-image and self confidence
  • Physical symptoms especially nausea, vomiting, chest pain, diaphoresis
  • Thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

Depression is represented in worst form when suicide becomes only option. A person who is suffering from depression, feels the worst feelings of his life. The race of thoughts and emotions in mind kill to that person. Depression brings the end of life. Nobody knows who they really are. Nobody knows how many times they would have cried when they were alone. Nobody knows the pain of sufferer. Depression steals education, dreams, motivation, future, friends, family and ultimately life. A person forgets himself that what was he and where he is now. Depression confines the life of a person in a bed or a chair where he becomes alcoholic, smoker and his character is demoralized. A sufferer commits suicide not to end the life but he actually wants to end pain from which he is suffering. He keeps smile on his face but eyes reflect the pain which he has inside. His soul wants to scream out of pain.

The neglegence and hatred can ruin a person’s life. Today world is running with great pace. Parents are busy in their social life but have they looked after their children? Do they know the feelings and emotions of their children? Do they have idea that their children might have been fighting a great war in their minds? Have they asked them once that are you alright? Why don’t you understand that your pressure might be collapsing their young mind. Can’t you see pain in eyes of your son or daughter? Can’t you feel that they are not fine? Your son and daughter might end themselves soon, can’t you hear their screams inside their heart and mind? Can’t you feel pain of your children? Do you feel that only a psyciatrist can treat them? You are a great remedy for them. Your words and attention is cure to their war. Eradicate the hatred and rudeness in reationships because it can save lives.

Depression is a kind of bruise and a sufferer keeps on scratching it unless he ends his life. There are different social factors which exaggerate depressive illness. But even then life is worth living and try to eliminate the factors and inferiority complex. Don’t judge people. Bring them happiness and love. Bring decline to depression because your life is only yours and don’t quit it. Death is not end of pain.

The problem is that a person knows that he will be okay but still he feels awful and sad. He knows people love him but still he thinks that nobody loves him. He knows that by doing something good, he will feel better but he doesn’t feel like doing. He wants to get well but still he just can’t seem to get there and ultimately he quits. Depression is a war, either a sufferer wins or dies in trying.