Bizarre Inventions That Even Science Can’t Explain

Most of the people of today think that they are more superior and more advanced compared to the people who lived in this earth centuries ago.  But we still have to give them credit about the artefacts that they left which baffled the prominent scientists of today.  For all we know, these artefacts are only created for the sole purpose of making fun of the future generation.

Voynich Manuscript

The Manuscript of Voynich is a century-old book that made all the deciphering efforts futile.  This is not some sort of scribbles that is written on a piece of ancient paper.  It is a much-organised script with profound details, discernible connection, clear illustration and consistent script.  It appears that the language used is a valid language; unfortunately, no one has seen this kind of language before.  And some experts believe that it is meant to say something. However, no one can really figure it out. Linguists, mathematician, cryptographers, code breakers have tried, but all of them failed.

Antikythera Mechanism

An ancient mechanism was found in a shipwreck that is near Greece that can be trace back to around 100 BC.  It contains the structure and gears that are never found in any devices for the next 1000 years.  Experts are debating on the purpose of the invention.  Some are saying that it is created by the Greeks but upon further research, they uncovered that this mechanism is created from Sicily.  The mechanism is designed to analyse the astronomical position.  The most puzzling thing about the Antikythera is that the gravity and the movement of the heavenly bodies were not yet discovered when this was created.

Baigong Pipe

In China, they discovered a series of mysterious openings in a shape of triangle above the mountain.  It is filled with hundreds of iron pipes, but no one can explain its origin.  Some of the pipes penetrated deep into the mountain.  More pipes are even running down into the lake.  Most of them have uniform sizes which mean that it couldn’t be an accident of nature and they have a pattern.  What is more confounding is that these Baigong Pipes dates back to the time when people are still learning how to use fire.

Giant Stone Balls

Costa Rica and some of the nearby areas have discovered scattered stone balls.  They are perfectly spherical and smooth.  Some have a pretty small size and their diameter is measures at only a few inches, but some are large measuring about 8 ft. in diameter.  Some of the balls have been blasted by the locals in hope of finding something valuable inside.

Baghdad Batteries

One of the most puzzling artefacts ever found was the Baghdad Batteries in Mesopotamia.  When the experts discovered the artefacts, they initially assume that they are just regular jars.  But they were astounded when they found out that it contains copper inside with some signs of corrosion.  It shares the same concept of the modern battery, but no one can figure out what they are using this for.

They may be ancient, but these old artefacts have left the best mind that walked the surfaced of the earth perplexed and astounded.